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Manual Slips

    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type SD/DU/B/W

      Currently, we can supply drill pipe slips of SD, DU, W and B types. The spare parts of those types except the type W are interchangeable with that of international famous brands. Through replacing the inserts of the drill pipe slip, application on pipes with different diameters can be realized (please refer to Technical Parameters) ...

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    1. Drill Collar Slips Type DCS/A/C1/WTThe drill collar slip is most widely used in the international market. The tube gripping device of DCS series can be classified into three types, small-sized type (DCS-S), medium-sized type (DCS-R) and large-sized type (DCS-L). Since the circular button is provided with button strip.
    1. Casing Slips Type CMS/UC-3As the circular button is provided with button strip, the reliability, safety and the contact strength between the slip and the casing are improved. Moreover, the contact area is reasonably controlled to reduce the abrasion of the casing.