Petroleum Machinery Manufacturer

RUTONG Petro-Machinery is a pioneer in the Chinese industry for drilling and oil extraction equipment. For over 50 years, we have satisfied customers with high-quality products such as DDZ elevators and DB manual tongs. With more than 6,000 product specifications to choose from, you are sure to find your query!

    1. SSW40 Spinning Wrench

      The manufacturing, using and maintenance of the revolving screwing on apparatus are mush easier since the roller needn’t to be replaced. Compared with traditional product with chain, the fastening of the pipe is rapid, non-slipping and powerful. More importantly, no damage is caused to the drill pipe....

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    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type SD/DU/B/W

      Currently, we can supply drill pipe slips of SD, DU, W and B types. The spare parts of those types except the type W are interchangeable with that of international famous brands. Through replacing the inserts of the drill pipe slip, application on pipes with different diameters can be realized (please refer to Technical Parameters) ...

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    1. PS Series Pneumatic Slips

      The PS series pneumatic slips are driven by air, simplifying operating mode, increasing hoisting strength and reducing labor intensity. It is a kind of air-operated tool used for raising and lowering drill pipe, holding casing, tubing and some other pipes. Suitable for the turntable of various kinds of drilling machines ...

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    1. Elevators Type DDZ

      The elevators type DDZ can be used to hoisting tapered drill pipe and drilling tools. With centre latch, the loading capacity of the pipe lifting tool ranges from 100t to 750t. The clamping size .....

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    1. Elevator Links

      The elevator links are forged from single alloy steel with high-strength. Produced according to API Spec 8C standard, the link has good tenacity and outstanding comprehensive mechanical performance. Classified into two series

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