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Safety Clamps

    1. Safety Clamps Type C and TAre you worrying about the slip for different pipes? If so, we are sure this safety clamps type C and type T can fully meet your requirement. Designed and produced according to API Spec 7K standard, this slip can be used for holding pipes and drill collar with butt joint in the size of 11/8-41/2 in.
    1. Safety Clamp Type MPProvided in S, R, M, L, XL series, the safety clamp type MP is an essential tool applied for holding drill collar, pipe with butt joint and tube with small shoulder. By increasing or decreasing the chain links, this casing gripping tool can be universally used on 27/8-301/2 inches pipes for drilling or repairing well.
    1. Pneumatic-Hydraulic Safety Clamps Type MPReasonably combined pneumatics and hydraulics, the operation of the pneumatic-hydraulic safety clamps type MP is simple, and the installation of the hydraulic control slip is easy and convenient. The fastening and loosening of the pipe can be completed through the operation of the hydraulic cylinder.