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    1. CU/CUL/CB Casing Bushings and Insert BowlsThe CU/CUL/CB casing bushings and insert bowls manufactured by our company can be used for pipes with the diameter from 23/8 inches to 30 inches. The casing bushing and insert bowl belonging to CU and CUL series are integrated type and CB is split type, both of which conforms to API Spec 7K standard.
    1. MDSP/MSP/MSS/MPCH/MSPC Master Bushings and Insert BowlsThe MDSP, MSP, MSS, MPCH, MSPC master bushings and insert bowls offered by our company are all made of alloy steel. The size of the alloy steel lining conforms to API Spec 7K standard. Classified into integrated type and split type, the products can be driven by shaft pins or by square device of the ring bush.
    1. HDS/HDP/RTM4/RTS4 Roller Kelly Bushings These roller kelly bushings are applicable for rotary tables with diameter between 171/2 and 491/2 inches. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7K specifications for drilling and well servicing equipment.
    1. API SpidersThe API spider has the same inner bore and 1:3 inner cone with the centre latch master bushing conforming to API standard. All the rotary slips with 1:3 back cone for drill collar, drill pipe, oil pipe, casing and some others can be used together with this product. The spider body is made of alloy steel through special heat treatment.
    1. JOY Casing Spiders and Insert BowlsThe body of the JOY casing spider is designed with hinge pin and the insert bowl is provided in slip structure. This product shall be installed on the rotary table. Manufactured according to API Spec 7K standard, this item can be used for running casing in most instances.