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Fill and Circulate Tools

The fill and circulate tool is a kind of product used at wellhead for simultaneous filling and circulation during casing running. Additionally, rapid circulation can be realized even no casing nipple is installed. The working strength is reduced to a great extent due to the convenience, safety, reliability and leak-tightness of the product. Moreover, the working environment of the wellhead can be improved, also.

The top drive drilling system of the grouting and circulation device is provided with 41/2 IF tool joint, which is in line with the joint of this fill and circulate tool. Fortunately, the tool joint can be changed for the adaptation with other top drive drilling system. Oilfield grouting equipment with special joint shall be noted in the order. Our device can be classified into L-FAC series and M-FAC series according to different diameters of the applicable tubes. Replaced with suitable seal assembly, the fill and circulate tools can be used on the tube with different diameters.

Parameters of L-FAC Series (7-20)

Casing Seal Assembly(Mark)
Size Weight (lb/ft) Inner Diameter (mm) Seal Retainer Sealing Element Rider Ring
7 23 161.70 L-7 L-7-23# L-7
9 5/8 53.5 216.79 L-9 5/8 L-9 5/8-53.5# L-9 5/8
10 3/4 55.5 247.90 L-10 3/4 L-10 3/4-55.5# L-10 3/4
13 3/8 72 313.61 L-13 3/8 L-13 3/8-72# L-13 3/8
20 106.5 482.6 L-20 L-20-106.5# L-20

Parameters of M-FAC Series (51/2-7)

Casing Seal Assembly(Mark)
Size Weight (lb/ft) Inner Diameter (mm) Seal Retainer Sealing element Rider Ring
5 1/2 23 118.62 M-5 1/2 M-5 1/2-23# M-5 1/2
6 5/8 32 144.15 M-6 5/8 M-6 5/8-32# M-6 5/8
7 26 159.41 M-7 M-7-26# M-7

In principle, one rider ring can be used on one casing with specified size and wall thickness only. However, the rider ring can also be used for other tubes as long as the difference between the inner diameters is no more than 5mm. For example, the rider ring for 53.5lb 9 5/8 (Inner Dia. 216.79mm) casing can also be applied on 47lb 9 5/8(Inner Dia. 220.5mm) casing, as well. If customers have no special requirement, we will offer the casing for this fill and circulate tool with the size and wall thickness mentioned above.

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