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Power Slips, Spiders

    1. Pneumatic Spider Type C/CHD/E/FAs a necessary tool for well drilling and well repairing, the pneumatic spiders type C/CHD/E/F are widely applied for holding drill pipe, oil pipe, casing, and some others. This range of product can be provided in certain models. Based on the rated load, the item can be classified into type C, type CHD, type E and type F.
    1. Pneumatic Spiders Type QQPThe pneumatic spiders type QQP can offer the rated load ranging from 585kN to 900kN. It is an optimal choice for clamping drill pipe and oil pipe during overwork. Designed and manufactured based on API Spec 7K standard, this cartridge can be used on the pipes listed below.
    1. TS Tubing SpidersThe TS tubing spider or casing spider is designed for handling of dill collars, casings, tubing, and other tools with smooth surface. Both spider body and slips are made of high-quality alloy steel, and undergo special heat treatment. The tubing spider features light weight and easy operation ..
    1. FMS 375 Hydraulic SlipFor convenient operation of casing, this hydraulic slip can be kept in horizontal direction with the turntable. Since no extra working platform is required, the working environment is clean and safe. This oil exploration apparatus can offer the torque as high as 35,000ft-lbs (47.5kNm).
    1. WY-275-7-3150 Hydraulic SlipThe WY-275-7-3150 hydraulic slip is updated from the product of manual controlled series with 3 slip bodies. The raising and lowering of the drilling tool are realized through the operation of the hydraulic cylinder. Capable of reducing labour strength of the driller, the working efficiency of the pipe holding device is hereby improved.
    1. PS Series Pneumatic Slips

      The PS series pneumatic slips are driven by air, simplifying operating mode, increasing hoisting strength and reducing labor intensity. It is a kind of air-operated tool used for raising and lowering drill pipe, holding casing, tubing and some other pipes. Suitable for the turntable of various kinds of drilling machines ...

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