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Grip Tools

Since 1970s, our company started to design and manufacture grip tools. Initially, the slip offered included drill pipe type W, drill collar type WT and casing type WG. We were the nominated supplier of tool equipment for petroleum exploration and development in China. To meet the demand of the international market, from 1990s, we successively developed products for drill pipe type SD, casing type CMS-XL, drilling collar type DCS, and some others. In recent years, aiming at reducing labour intensity of oilmen, enhancing productivity and improving production condition, our company has developed and manufactured gripping tool powered by air or by hydraulics. The mechanized operation of the product is realized.

Strictly designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K standard, the grip tools we offer all passes rigorous inspection and testing. The noticeable features like reliability, durability and interchangeability of parts and components make the product quite popular with our clients. Made of first-class alloy steel, the casting, forging, heat treatment and the precise machining of the pipe clamping device strictly follow the standard. To guarantee the stable quality of the product, all of the main working procedures are completed by ourselves. Moreover, the slip shall be tested to confirm if it conforms to performance indexes.

To meet different processing demand, our company has researched and developed the tool with standard toothed plate, toothed plate with small corrugation, and smooth toothed plate for customers' selection. It has been proved that the grip tools we offer can meet different requirement in the oilfield.