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Drill Pipe Slips Type SD/DU/B/W

    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type SDThe drill pipe slip type SD is one of the most widely applied products favoured by our customers for oil well drilling. According to gripping length, this range of product can be classified into Short type (SDS), Medium Long type (SDML) and Extra Long type (SDXL).
    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type DUAccording to the contact length between insert and pipe, as well as the contact length between back cone and insert bowl, this range of pipe seizing equipment can be classified into DU series, DUL series and SDU series.
    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type BThe slot of the insert is capable of transmitting torque. So the torque will be transmitted to the slip body directly, which effectively prevent the slot of the toothed plate from wearing out.
    1. Drill Pipe Slips Type WThe flake rotary slip type W has been developed and manufactured for more than 30 years. Once, it was one of the necessary tools in drilling and repairing oil and gas well.