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Flake Rotary Slips Type W

The flake rotary slip type W has been developed and manufactured for more than 30 years. Once, it was one of the necessary tools in drilling and repairing oil and gas well. This exploration tool played an indelible role in the starting and development of the oil drilling and production. The maximum rated load of the pipe clamping equipment is 1,000kN. Classified into W31/2-5/100 and W5-7/100 series, this product can also be used to grip relevant drill collar and casing, as well. The slip could grip pipes of different sizes though replacing the inserts or insert cases.

Technical Parameters

Model W31/2-5/100
Drill Pipe Size in. 27/8 31/2 4 41/8 41/2 43/4 5
Outer Dia. mm 73.025 88.9 101.6 104.775 114.3 120.65 127
Max. Loading (kN) 1000
Model W5-7/100
Drill Pipe Size in. 5 51/2 59/16 53/4 61/8 61/4 61/2
Outer Dia. mm 127 139.7 141.3 146.1 155.6 158.8 165.1
Max. Loading (kN) 1000
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