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FMS 375 Hydraulic Slip

As an operating tool driven by hydraulics, the FMS 375 hydraulic slip can be applied for holding casing. Besides 375NATIONAL turntable, this hydraulic pipe gripping device can also be matched with the turntable from OILWELL, EMSCO, IDECO, and some others through different conversion devices. The compact structure, reliability and safety of the product avoid the sprain at the back and reduce the fatigue in the process of operating the product manually, which effectively lower the labor intensity and improve the working efficiency.

For convenient operation of casing, this hydraulic slip can be kept in horizontal direction with the turntable. Since no extra working platform is required, the working environment is clean and safe. This oil exploration apparatus can offer the torque as high as 35,000ft-lbs (47.5kNm). Because the product can firmly hold the casing, operation with manual slip and back-up tong is not required.

Technical Parameters

Loading 500t
Pipe Dia. 41/2-14
Size of Turntable 37.5"
Height 35"
Max. Torque 35,000 ft-lbs (47.5kNm)
Max. Working Pressure 2500psi (17.5MPa)
Loop Pipe Filter 10μm
Max. Oil Temperature 82℃

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