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Power Elevators/Spiders

    1. Hydraulic Elevators Type CDZHAs the necessary tool for lifting pipes in oil and gas field, the hydraulic elevators type CDZH can be applied for clamping tapered drill pipe, drill collar, casing, oil pipe, and some others reliably and conveniently through changing insert bowls, which conduces to extending the service life of the product.
    1. Hydraulic Elevators Type DDZHThe hydraulic elevator type DDZH is a kind of centre latch series product controlled by hydraulic system. The convenient operation is conducive to reducing the labour intensity of oilmen and improving the work efficiency. The realization of remote control makes for higher safety and reliability.
    1. Pneumatic ElevatorsThis equipment is controlled by pneumatic system. In addition to convenient operation, the labour intensity can be reduced and the work efficiency can be improved accordingly. Designed with remote control, the using of the pneumatic elevator is safer and more reliable.
    1. SE Elevators/SpidersThe SE elevators and spiders are pneumatically-operated mechanized tool with the load capacity from 150t to 750t. Professionally, the oil pipe running and casing running is quite convenient. Designed with wide application, this product can be used on the pipe with the diameter as big as 24 1/2in.