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Pre-sale Service
1. Question answering
We will communicate with customers through E-mail or telephone to get to know the actual demand and the problem to be solved. During communication, we will offer enough information to our customers before quotation to ensure the oil well drilling tools selected can fully meet the requirement of the customers.

2. Technical guidance
We can provide professional technical guidance on the usage and performance of the products. Moreover, the operation and maintenance manual, as well as the video for the product usage, are also available from us. Meanwhile, customers can pay a visit to our company for field study. We will offer optimal solution and satisfactory answer to our client.

3. Product recommendation
Following the development of petroleum and natural gas drilling industry, we continuously launch new products into market, like pneumatic and hydraulic series, full-automatic series and semi-automatic series. We will recommend advanced and practical product with good economic benefit to our clients for their selection.

4. Drawing design
Possessing professional design team, we can develop new product timely based on customer’s demand. For special requirement, we can also provide drawings to our clients. So they can determine if well servicing tools to be produced conforms to their demand. Modestly, we will take suggestion from our clients on the improvement of our product and optimize the structure and performance of our device.

Service in Sales
1. Delivery time
Generally, the delivery time shall be 30-45 days after the order is placed. In particular cases, such as large-scale equipment and customized product, the delivery time shall be longer. We will offer a reasonable delivery time based on the practical situation. Generally, split shipment is recommended for big order.

2. Order tracing
We have specialized staff to follow the orders during production. So we can well control the production schedule and get everything ready in time, such as packing list, invoice, and some others.

3. Testing
In the production process, we will strictly follow API standards to control the quality of our oilfield drilling equipment comprehensively. Generally, the procedures are as follows.
1) Product design and theoretical calculation
2) Nondestructive examination on workblank
3) Nondestructive examination after heat treatment
4) Chemical component, and physical and mechanical properties testing
5) Strict control on size and precision during production
6) Function test after assembly
7) Testing and detection conducted according to API standard before delivery
8) Final assembly and painting

4. Packaging
The material used for packaging can fully meet the requirement for sea transportation and air transportation, like wooden box made of non-fumigation composite board, fumigated raw wood box, iron case, etc.

5. Transportation
The logistic company selected has good reputation. Products can be transported to the port or the airport of Shanghai within 4 hours. For special orders, we can also directly load the goods in the container for delivery.

After-sale Service
1. Warranty period
For quality problems, within 18 months after the device is delivered, or 12 months after the product is put into use, we will offer "Three Guarantees" service, namely returns, replacement and maintenance. Additionally, we will assume responsibilities for product quality. Within 10 years since the product is delivered, we can supply quick-wear parts for the product purchased.

2. Solution for the product damaged during transportation
Besides strengthened package, we cooperate with professional logistic company with good reputation for overland transportation. Also, to ensure safe and fast delivery, we choose internationally excellent freight forwarding company, shipping company and airline company for delivery. In case the well drilling and oil extraction tools are damaged during transportation, which has affected the performance and using of the product, we will offer "Three Guarantees" service mentioned above.

3. Customer visiting and opinion collection
We will contact our foreign customers through telephone or E-mail to collect their opinion and suggestion related to our product for further improvement. Furthermore, our company draws up a plan for visiting customer every year. Meanwhile, we will also pay a visit to our clients during exhibitions in foreign countries.

4. 24-hours customer services
We will offer 24-hours customer service for technical consultation, operation and maintenance training, product repairing, etc.