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Manual Tongs Type SDD

The manual tong type SDD is one of the classical products designed and manufactured based on the requirement specified in API Spec 7K standard. With the pipe size range from 4" to 17", the tube clamp can be used to lift various kinds of drill pipe, oil tube, casing, casing joint, drill collar, etc.

The maximum make-up torque can be as high as 100,000ft•lbs (135kN•m). The product is equipped with gooseneck type hanger  with balance screw rod. By adjusting the balance screw rod and square-head screw, the product can be adjusted in horizontal level. Since this manual tong can be installed easily and conveniently, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.

There are 5 tong jaws equipped with this tubing lifting device for the application on pipes in different sizes. Particularly, 1# lug jaw has 3 specially-designed hinge pin holes and two latch shoulders, providing pipe size range from 4" to 8 1/2".

Technical Parameters

Model Lug Jaw No. Lug Jaw Size Torque
in. kN•m Ft•lbs
SDD Tong No.1 4-8 1/2 135 100,000
No.2 8 1/2-12
No.3 12-15 100 75,000
No.4 15 3/4 135 100,000
No.5 16-17 80 60,000
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