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Torque Control System

    1. NKY-C8 Touch Screen Torque Control SystemNKY-C8 touch screen torque control system is used for setting, displaying and recording of torque, providing torque graphs to ensure an optimal make-up torque of the tubular connections. It can be integrated on the tubing power tongs, casing power tongs, drill pipe power tongs and manual...
    1. NKY-YW/TW/Z W Wireless Torque Control SystemNKY-YW/TW/ZW wireless torque control system is usually used together with tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs. It is a multi-purpose recorder capable of setting, measuring and displaying the make-up torque to ensure an optimal make-up torque.
    1. NKY-3G Torque Control SystemNKY-3G torque control system is updated based on NKY-C8 and NKY-Y/T/Z series torque controllers. This new generation product owns two patented technologies, with good versality, high reliability, low failure rate and easy operation.
    1. NKY- C15Ex Explosion-Proof Torque Control System1.Flameproof type enclosure is rated to Ex d ib IIB T6 Gb, making this torque control system compliant for hazardous areas with flammable and explosive gases.
      Flexible sensor configuration is for the measuring of make-up torque, with zero stability, high torque accuracy and strong anti-interference performance.