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Manual Tongs Type DB

This manual tong type DB is well received by senior oilmen. Manufactured according to API Spec 7K standard, the latching size of the product is from 3 1/2" to 17". With maximum make-up torque of 65,000ft/lbs (90kNm), this oilfield pipe fastening device is widely used for making up or breaking out drill pipe, oil tube, casing pipe and casing joint, and drilling collar. Through changing the lug jaw or adjusting the location of the hinge pin holes and the latching shoulders, the manual tong can be applied on tubes with different diameters. Besides convenient latching, this clamp is easy to be kept balanced.

Technical Parameters

Model Lug Jaw No. Lug Jaw Size Rated Torque
in. kNm ft/lbs
DB No.1 3 1/2-8 1/4 90 65,000
No.2 8-11 1/4
No.3 11 3/4-14 3/8 55 40,000
No.4 16-17
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