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Manual Tongs Type B

The manual tongs type B are engineered and manufactured according to API Spec 7K standard. Currently, it is widely used for drilling deep well in oilfield. The maximum make-up torque is 55,000ft/lbs (75kNm). This drilling tool can be used by various kinds of drill pipes, as well as the tubing, casing pipe and drill collar with the diameters less than 13 3/8". There are 7 types of lug jaws provided along with the making-up device. The latching size differs from 3 1/2" to 13 3/8". To meet different operation requirement, customers can change the lug jaw and the latching shoulders for the application on different tubes.

Generally, customers can select the most suitable lug jaw according to the actual size of the pipes. Provided with balance screw rod, this manual tong is designed with gooseneck type suspender. The tong body is connected with the pin of the suspender. Then, the tong body is hung on the derrick through the top of the suspender. By adjusting the balance screw rod or the square-head screw, this device can be adjusted in horizontal level. The installation is quite easy and convenient, which reduces the working strength effectively.

Technical Parameters

Model Lug Jaw No. Lug Jaw Size Torque
in. kNm ft/lbs
B 1 3 1/2"-5" 75 55,000
2 4 1/4"-6 3/4"
3 6 5/8"-9"
4 9"-10 3/4" 55 40,000
5 11 3/4"
6 12 3/4"-13" 40 30,000
7 13 3/8"

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