Manual Tongs

    1. Manual Tongs Type SDDThe maximum make-up torque can be as high as 100,000ft•lbs (135kN•m). The product is equipped with gooseneck type hanger with balance screw rod. By adjusting the balance screw rod and square-head screw, the product can be adjusted in horizontal level.
    1. Manual Tongs Type DB

      Manufactured according to API Spec 7K standard, the latching size of the product is from 3 1/2" to 17". With maximum make-up torque of 65,000ft/lbs (90kNm), this oilfield pipe fastening device is widely used for making up or breaking out drill pipe, oil tube, casing pipe and casing joint, and drilling collar. ...

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    1. Manual Tongs Type BGenerally, customers can select the most suitable lug jaw according to the actual size of the pipes. Provided with balance screw rod, this manual tong is designed with gooseneck type suspender. The tong body is connected with the pin of the suspender.
    1. Manual Tongs Type CThe manual tong type C is a necessary tool for making up or breaking out pipes and other equipment in the process of drilling or repairing well. By changing lug jaw or latch shoulder, this well drilling tool can satisfy the demand of applications on different tubes.
    1. Extended Casing TongThe extended casing tong is specially designed for making up or breaking out casing pipe and casing joint for big well with large oil output. Similar with other product, the design and production of this item is fully in compliance with API Spec 7K standard.
    1. Manual Tongs Type LFMatched with 4 tong jaws in different sizes, the maximum make-up torque of the wellhead drilling tool is as high as 16,000ft/lbs (22kNm). To meet different operating requirement, customers can change the lug jaw and the latch shoulder of the manual tong.
    1. Manual Tongs Type HT
    2. Manual Tongs Type HTAs a necessary tool for making up and breaking out pipes and other device during well drilling or workover, the manual tong type HT can be used on different pipes by changing tong jaw and lug jaw shoulder. Optimized from the original design of SDD, DB, B and C series.
    1. Web Wilson Series Manual TongsWith wide range of selections on latching size and torque, this product can fully meet your requirement. Favoured by many oilmen, the manual tong can be mutually replaced by the oil pipe making-up device of SDD, DB, B, C, HT100, HT65, HT55 and HT35 series.