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Hydraulic Make and Break Unit (36°Rotation)

Hydraulic Make and Break Unit (36°Rotation)
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  • Three- or six-cylinder synchronous clamping mechanism allows 36° spinning make-up.
  • High precision synchronous motor ensures complete synchronous cylinder clamping.
  • Th master tong and backup tong allow for concentric and eccentric clamping.
  • Backup tong is available in open-throat and closed type.
  • Auxiliary feeder is available for the make-up and break-out operations for pipes with size of 12 M, ø60~ø580.
  • Auxiliary feeder comes with 4 sets of axial spinning roller and a central height adjusting device.
  • An 8 inches touch scree display is adopted for setting, displaying and controlling of torque.
  • The make-up torque can be set and the torque graph can be displayed.
  • When reaching the preset torque, it will automatically alarm and the make-up automatically stops.
  • The torque/graph can be recorded and stored, and also can be printed through the computer in A4 size.
  • Two measuring units are optional in N·m or ft·lbs.

Technical Parameters

Makeup and breakout unit (36° rotation) CZJ300-80T CZJ400-180T CZJ560-180T
Applicable pipe diameter mm Φ60.3~Φ300 Φ60.3~Φ400 Φ177.8~Φ560
in 2-3/8″~11-3/4″ 2-3/8″~15-3/4″ 7″~22″
Max. torque kN.m 80 180 180
ft.lbs 59045 132851 132851
Rotatory speed rpm 36
Center height mm 950 1100 1200
Max diameter mm Φ385 Φ530 Φ600
Motor Power kW 11 11 11
Max. flow Lpm 40 40 40
Overall size(L*W*H) Bucking unit mm 2445*1310*1620 6000*1840*1770 6000*1900*1730
Weight (approximately) kg 4600 7700 9500

Note: Auxiliary extending holder and puller are optional.

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