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DDZ-TD Top drive elevator with bushing

Based on market demand, as well as the requirement on raising and lowering drill pipe, this DDZ-TD top drive elevator with bushing is developed as hoisting equipment for oil and gas well. This product can be used for seizing tapered drill pipe with different size by changing bushing, which is conducive to extending the service life of the elevator body, reducing workers’labour intensity, and improving drilling efficiency.

Conforming to GB/T19190 Petroleum and natural gas industries-Drilling and production equipment-Hoisting equipment and API Spec 8C Standard on Hoisting Equipment for Drilling and Oil Extraction, each elevator has passed the design verification, which is conducted with the maximum load 2 times that of the rate load. Additionally, each pair of products has been tested load 1.5 times that of the rated load before leaving factory, as well.

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