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    1. Elevator Links

      The elevator links are forged from single alloy steel with high-strength. Produced according to API Spec 8C standard, the link has good tenacity and outstanding comprehensive mechanical performance. Classified into two series

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    1. Hook BlocksThe hook block is one of the hoisting equipment for hanging and lifting drill string, replacing drill and running casing. Additionally, if the drill is slightly jammed, or encounter obstruction, this casing running device can also be used for trouble shooting.

Hoisting Tools

The production of the hoisting tools offered by our company follows API Spec 8C standard. Besides the first-class alloy steel, the casting, forging, heat treatment and the precise machining strictly abide by the quality control procedure. Based on detection process, all the wellhead hoisting devices have to be tested before delivery according to API Spec 8C standard with the load 1.5 times that of the rated load. Meanwhile, the non-destructive examination on parts and components shall also be conducted to guarantee the quality of the hoisting tool.

Our hoisting tools (elevator, links) is widely used for oil and gas well drilling, oil extraction, workover as well as pipeline crossing in cities.