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Elevators Type DDZ

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The elevators type DDZ can be used to hoisting tapered drill pipe and drilling tools. With centre latch, the loading capacity of the pipe lifting tool ranges from 100t to 750t. The clamping size varies from 23/8 to 65/8in. The production conforms to API Spec 8C Standard on Hoisting Equipment for Drilling and Oil Extraction.

Technical Parameters

Model Pipe Dia.(in.) Rated Load (Short tons) Remark
DDZ/100 23/8-5 100 MG
DDZ/150 23/8-51/2 150 RG
DDZ/250 23/8-51/2 250 MGG
DDZ/350 31/2-57/8 350 GG
DDZ/350TD 31/2-57/8 350 Integrated type with bushings
DDZ/500 31/2-65/8 500 HGG
DDZ/500TD 31/2-65/8 500 Integrated type with bushings
DDZ/750 4-65/8 750

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