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Tubing Power Tongs

The tubing power tong of XQ140/20 series a kind of hydraulic device used for rapidly making up or breaking out tubing, small drill pipe and small casing pipe with the diameter from 42mm to 140mm (1.66"-5.5"). Compared with other series of the product driven by hydraulics, this hydraulic clamp features compact structure, convenient operation, reliable performance, long service life, wide application, and big output torque.

Applicable for both onshore and offshore oilfield, this tubing power tong can effectively reduce labour intensity, improve working efficiency and quality of work. This power pincher is engineered and manufactured according to API Spec 7K standards. So, it is quite durable for use.

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Technical Parameters

Applicable Pipe Dia. 42mm-140mm 1.66-5.5"
Length 1,016mm 40"
Width 635mm 25"
Height 1524mm 60"
Weight 840kg 1843ft/lbs
Hydraulic Motor Gear motor
Torque Range
Max. Revolving Speed (rpm) Max. 100 Min.24
Torque (1,000psi) 1400 ft/lbs 6000 ft/lbs
Torque (2,500psi) 3500 ft/lbs 15000 ft/lbs
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