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Casing Power Tongs

Driven by hydraulic motor, the casing power tong of TQH340-35 series can reduce the labor intensity of oilmen to the greatest extent. Besides tubes with the diameter from 140mm to 340mm (5.1/2-13.3/8in.), this well head drilling equipment can also be used to fasten the pipe of Φ340-Φ406 (13.3/8-16in.) by changing toothed ring and jaw plate. Uniquely designed, this casing power tong is quite flexible for use. The length of the force arm is 813mm (32in.) and the maximum torque of the hydraulic driven tong is 35kNm (25,000lb/ft).

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Technical Parameter

No. Specifications TQH340-35
1 Casing size mm Φ140-Φ340
in. 5.1/2-13.3/8
2 Max. working pressure MPa 17.5
psi 2,500
3 Rated flow of hydraulic system L/min 227
gpm 70
4 Max. torque for low-speed gear Nm 35, 000
lb/ft 25,000
5 Max. torque for high-speed gear Nm 8,535
lb/ft 6,295
6 Max. revolving speed of tong head (rpm) High-speed gear 47
Low-speed gear 11
7 Overall Dimension mm 1358×820×993
in. 53.5×32.3×39.0
8 Weight kg 685
lb 1,507
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