Power Tongs

    1. Tubing Power TongsApplicable for both onshore and offshore oilfield, this tubing power tong can effectively reduce labour intensity, improve working efficiency and quality of work. This power pincher is engineered and manufactured according to API Spec 7K standards. So, it is quite durable for use.
    1. Casing Power TongsDriven by hydraulic motor, the casing power tong of TQH340-35 series can reduce the labor intensity of oilmen to the greatest extent. Besides tubes with the diameter from 140mm to 340mm (5.1/2-13.3/8in.), this well head drilling equipment can also be used to fasten the pipe of Φ340-Φ406 (13.3/8-16in.)
    1. SSW40 Spinning Wrench

      The manufacturing, using and maintenance of the revolving screwing on apparatus are mush easier since the roller needn’t to be replaced. Compared with traditional product with chain, the fastening of the pipe is rapid, non-slipping and powerful. More importantly, no damage is caused to the drill pipe....

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    1. Iron RoughnecksProvided with wide applications, this oilfield pipe running device can be used for the operation on the tube with the sizes ranging from 41/4 to 81/2in. (108 mm-216mm). The operational height of the product is between 812 mm and 1727mm (32 in. to 68 in.). Therefore, it can satisfy the need for daily operation.