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SSW40 Spinning Wrench

The braking torque of SSW40 spinning wrench is 1,100ft/lbs (1490 Nm), suitable for rapidly fastening and loosening 31/2-91/2 in. drill pipe and drill collar. During drilling, the make-up and breakout are safer and reliable than the traditional product with spinning rope and spinning chain. Moreover, since the pipe tripping speed is fast, the labor intensity of drillers is reduced.

The air motor in the pneumatic rotary wench can rotate forward and reverse. It is much easier for users to conduct coring or handle accident occurred. For pipes with different diameters, the operation can be completed by adjusting the opening of the jaw. The air-operated spinning wrench is designed with roller. The manufacturing, using and maintenance of the revolving screwing on apparatus are mush easier since the roller needn’t to be replaced. Compared with traditional product with chain, the fastening of the pipe is rapid, non-slipping and powerful. More importantly, no damage is caused to the drill pipe. Even used under the circumstance with oil and mud, the operation of the spinning wrench is safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters
1. Applicable pipe dia.: 31/2-91/2in. (89-241mm) drill pipe and drill collar.
2. Working pressure: 90-120psi (0.62-0.83MPa)
3. Gas consumption: 250cfm (32m/min)
4. Make up and break out speed: 0-120r/min (5in. drill pipe)
5. Brake torque: 1100ft/lbs (1493Nm) (5in. drill pipe)
6. Weight: 850lb (385kg)
7. Overall dimensions: 1315×570×570mm

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