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Iron Roughnecks

RT-100 iron roughneck is fully driven and controlled by hydraulic pressure. With compact structure and fixed bottom, this advanced drill pipe make-up machine can complete the fastening and loosening of the drill pipe.

Provided with wide applications, this oilfield pipe running device can be used for the operation on the tube with the sizes ranging from 41/4 to 81/2in. (108 mm-216mm). The operational height of the product is between 812 mm and 1727mm (32 in. to 68 in.). Therefore, it can satisfy the need for daily operation. You are welcome to contact for more information about this iron roughneck.

Technical Parameters

Weight 2813kg (6,200lb)
Hydraulic working pressure 13.8MPa (2,000psi)
Applicable pipe dia. 41/4-81/2(108mm-216mm)
Make-up speed 100rpm
Make-up torque 2,373Nm (1,750ft/lbs)
Max. make-up torque 81,500Nm (6,000ft/lbs)
Max. breakout torque 108,500Nm (8,000ft/lbs)
Working height 812 mm-1,727mm (32in.-68in.)
Horizontal stroke 1,170mm(46in.)
Vertical stroke 889mm (35in.)
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