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NJ Series Hydraulic Bucking Unit
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NJ Series Hydraulic Bucking Unit

NJ series hydraulic bucking unit is used in the manufacturing of tubing and casing and it is designed for make-up and break-out operations of API threads and special threads with shoulder. The gripping mark depth is less than 0.1mm. The floating type tong ensures precise make-up torque measuring.


  • This hydraulic bucking unit is suitable for manufacturing tubing and casing with special threads and round threads.
  • The floating tong teeth fits perfectly with the tube body.
  • Optional in manual and automatic operations.
  • Monitoring, controlling and recording of torque is available by a 8 inch touch screen display or a 15 inch industrial control computer analyzed system.
  • English menu supports the set of operating parameters, including max./min./optimal torque, max/min rounds, and the recording of information like name and ID of the operator, furnace number, contract number, serial number of the tubing/casing, descriptive comments with user override, etc.
  • Display and control the make-up torque, shouldering torque, ratio of shouldering torque and max. torque, and shouldering turns.
  • Recording, querying and printing the previous production record is available in graph and daily report.
  • The production record can be transferred to any computer by a USB flash disk for storage or printing.
  • The floating type clamp jaw can grip the pipe perfectly.

Technical parameters

NJ140-16 NJ180-30 NJ273-45 NJ340-55 NJ508-70 NJ760-135W
Applicable pipe diameter mm Ф60.33~Ф139.7 Ф60.33~Ф177.8 Ф60.33~Ф273 Ф139.7~Ф340 Φ177.8~Φ508 Ф340~Φ762
in 2-3/8″~5-1/2″ 2-3/8″~7″ 2-3/8″~10-3/4″ 5-1/2″~13-3/8″ 7″~20″ 13-3/8″~30″
Max. torque at high gear kN.m 10 18 22 25 70 135
Max. torque at low gear kN.m 16 30 45 55
Rotatory speed at high gear rpm 8~16 10~24 5~25 5~23 5~15 0.5~5
automatic stepless speed regulation
Rotatory speed at low gear rpm 0.5~8 0.5~10 0.5~12 0.5~12 0.5~5
Center height mm 900 1110 1150 1250 1450
Max diameter mm Φ220 Φ360 Φ420 Φ565 Φ820
Rated pressure Mpa 16
Max. pressure Mpa 31.5
Max. flow Lpm 120 160 250
Overall Size Bucking unit mm 1600*880*1500 2520*1100*1695 2520*1100*1695 2760*1332*1830 3318*1240*2086 2500*2180*2689
Console mm 500*600*1280 950*1020*1160
Hydraulic Power Unit mm 1360*1200*1250 1600*1430*1250 1750×1580×1300
Weight (approximately) kg 2270 4400 5200 5400 6700 8800
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