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Open-throat Backup Tong Hydraulic Bucking Unit
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Open-throat Backup Tong Hydraulic Bucking Unit

NJ-BK hydraulic bucking unit is an important tool suitable for make-up, break-out and maintaining of the thread connections of drill tools, pipe strings and downhole equipment in petroleum exploration and geological prospecting. It is also used for the make-up operations for pipes with ordinary threaded connections. The gripping mark depth is less than 0.15mm. The floating type tong ensures precise make-up torque measuring and graph displaying. This device comes with automatic speed transmission during the make-up process. And a minimum rotation speed is lower than 2 r/min, suitable for make-up operation of large torque. Backup tong is optional in open-throat design. The central height is adjustable, making it applicable to makeup operations for special-shaped and eccentric workpieces.

Technical parameters

Model NJ180-35BK NJ273-40BK NJ340-50BK
Applicable pipe diameter Φ60~177.8
Rated torque at high gear 18000 N·m
13270 ft-lbs
20000 N·m
23000 N·m
16960 ft-lbs
Rated torque at low gear 35000 N·m
25810 ft-lbs
40000 N·m
29500 ft-lbs
50000 N·m
36870 ft-lbs
Rated speed at high gear 28 r/min 25 r/min 22 r/min
Rated speed at low gear 12 r/min 10 r/min 10 r/min
Open-throat size 220mm 330mm 400mm
Max. working pressure 16 MPa
Max. flow 30~160 L/min
8~42 gpm
Motor power 37kW
Overall size 2020×1050×1430mm
Weight 3500 kg
7700 lbs
3800 kg
8360 lbs
4200 kg
9240 lbs
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