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NKY-C8 Touch Screen Torque Control System
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NKY-C8 Touch Screen Torque Control System

NKY-C8 touch screen torque control system is used for setting, displaying and recording of torque, providing torque graphs to ensure an optimal make-up torque of the tubular connections. It can be integrated on the tubing power tongs, casing power tongs, drill pipe power tongs and manual tongs to provide real-time process/torque graphs during make-up. It will automatically alarm when the preset torque is reached. It helps to avoid the coupling sticking and damage to pipe body and connections caused by over torque.

This torque control system includes a torque displayer, torque signal sensor and alarm. Featuring with simple structure, low fault rate and economy, it is a perfect tool for oilwell workover and casing running operations.


  • An integrated touch screen display is used for English menu, easy operation and economy.
  • Good versality: this torque control system is compatible to manual tongs, tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs.
  • Real-time monitoring of torque and process during the make-up.
  • Flexible sensor configuration for the measuring of make-up torque, with zero stability, high torque accuracy and strong anti-interference performance. Powered by reliable adapter, this torque controller is suitable to various applications, harsh environment and various corrosive applications.
  • High sampling rate is ensured by 12 bits high precision analog A/D conversion module.
  • The make-up parameters like max/min torque can be set according to your manufacturing specifications.
  • Different torque sensors are optional based on the model of hydraulic power tongs.
  • Printing of make-up graph and report is available.

Technical Parameters

    1. Power supply: 24V DC
    2. Max. power consumption: 20VA
    3. Max. torque: 150kN·m
    4. Torque range: set based on the hydraulic power tongs and torque sensor
    5. Alarm torque: can be set
    6. Torque accuracy: ≤0.5%
    1. Control accuracy: ≤2.5%
    2. Temperature range: -15°C to +65°C
    3. Humidity range: 10% to 80% R·H (non condensing)
    4. Overall size: torque control system 260×210×110
      packing size: 450×220×200
    5. Weight (approx..): 12 kg
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