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NKY-Y/T/Z Multipurpose Computerized Torque Control System
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NKY-Y/T/Z Multipurpose Computerized Torque Control System

NKY-Y/T/Z torque control system is a computerized multipurpose torque controller, integrating the setting, displaying and controlling of make-up torque to ensure the optimal torque for the pipe connections. This torque controller can work together with tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs to provide real-time process/torque graphs during make-up. The dump valve will automatically release when the preset torque is reached. It avoids the coupling sticking and damage to pipe body and connections caused by over torque.

This torque control system consists of a torque displayer, laptop, , torque sensor and dump valve. (Y represents tubing power tong, T represents casing power tong, Z represents drill pipe power tong)


  • This torque control system is suitable for make-up operations of special threaded connection such as VAM TOP, BGT1, FOX, 3SB, 13Cr, etc. It supports the measuring and recording of make-up torque, shouldering torque, screwing rounds and the ration of make-up torque to shouldering torque.
  • Laptop is used for displaying the English menu, make-up process graph, high resolution and easy operation.
  • Good versality: it is compatible to tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs.
  • Real-time displaying of torque and process during the make-up.
  • Based on the operation requirements, the make-up parameters, including pipe and coupling parameters, ma/min torque.
  • Equipped with a fast dump valve for automatic control of make-up torque.
  • High precision, high rotation speed optical-electricity encoder is adopted to record the screwing rounds.
  • Torque sensor is equipped according to the model of the hydraulic power tongs.
  • Flexible sensor configuration for the measuring of make-up torque, with zero stability, high torque accuracy and strong anti-interference performance. Powered by a reliable adapter, this torque controller is suitable to various applications, harsh environment and various corrosive applications.
  • Displaying, controlling and recording of make-up parameters are available. The data can be recorded on a disk for future review.
  • Multiple printing choice: one or eight graphics can be printed on A4 paper.

Technical Parameters

    1. Power requirement: 220V AC ±15%, 50 to 60Hz
    2. Power supply: 24V DC (on-site power supply)
    3. Max. power consumption: 100VA
    4. Max. torque: 50kN·m
    5. Working torque: can be set based on the model of hydraulic power tong and torque sensor
    6. Automatic control: available upon request
    1. Communication distance: 100M
    2. Torque accuracy: ≤0.5%
    3. Control accuracy: ≤2.5%
    4. Rated temperature: -15°C to +65°C
    5. Humidity range: 10% to 80% RH (non-condensing)
    6. Overall size: 550×430×300mm
    7. Weight: 45 kg
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