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NKY-YW/TW/Z W Wireless Torque Control System
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NKY-YW/TW/Z W Wireless Torque Control System

(Y: tubing power tongs; T: casing power tongs; Z: drill pipe power tongs)

NKY-YW/TW/ZW wireless torque control system is usually used together with tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs. It is a multi-purpose recorder capable of setting, measuring and displaying the make-up torque to ensure an optimal make-up torque. This torque control system adopts wireless data communication. Wire communication is also available when the wireless communication is interfered or the battery runs out.

This torque control system includes a torque display, computer, torque signal sensor, damp valve, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, etc.


  • The adoption of wireless communication requires no lay out of cables on site.
  • The data transmitter is powered by battery. When the battery voltage is insufficient, it can also be wired to achieve both wired and wireless use.
  • Good versality: it is compatible to tubing power tongs, casing power tongs and drill pipe power tongs.
  • This torque control system is suitable for make-up operations of special threaded connection such as VAM TOP, BGT1, FOX, 3SB, 13Cr, etc. It supports the measuring and recording of make-up torque, shouldering torque, rounds and the ratio of make-up torque to shouldering torque.
  • Based on the operation requirements, the make-up parameters, including pipe and coupling parameters, ma/min torque, etc.
  • High precision, high rotation speed optical-electricity encoder is adopted to record the screwing rounds.
  • 12 bits high precision analog A/D conversion module ensures high sampling rate.
  • Torque sensor is equipped corroding to the model of the hydraulic power tongs.
  • Displaying, controlling and recording of make-up parameters are available. The data can be recorded on a disk for future review.
  • Multiple printing choice: one or eight graphics can be printed on A4 paper.
  • Reliable hardware and software provide complete function, easy operation, reliable running and convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameters

    1. Power requirements: 220V AC ±15%, 50 to 60Hz
    2. Power supply: 24V DC (battery powered)
    3. Max. power consumption: 100VA
    4. Max. torque: 150kN·m
    5. Working torque: can be set based on the model of hydraulic power tong and torque sensor
    6. Alarm range: can be set
    7. Communication distance: 100M
    1. Torque accuracy: ≤0.5%
    2. Control accuracy: ≤2.5%
    3. Rated temperature: -10°C to +55°C
      -35°C to +65°C (low temperature)
    4. Humidity range: 10% to 80% RH (non condensing)
    5. Overall size: 550×430×300mm
    6. Weight: 50kg
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