Make up and Break out Tools

Engaged in the industry for 40 years, our company has a great deal of experience in manufacturing make up and break out tools. The tong we offer is made of high-class alloy steel. The casting, forging, heat treatment and precise machining of the pipe fastening device strictly follow rigorous quality control and quality inspection procedures. Testing with the force 1.5 times that of the rated torque, as well as the nondestructive examination on parts and components, shall be conducted according to the requirement specified in API Spec 7K standard before the delivery of the product.

Currently, we can offer both the traditional tong with good interchangeability and universality and the product of WEB WILSON series that is suitable for senior oilmen. Customers can choose the make up and break out tools with different torques and latching sizes according to the drilling depth and the diameter of the drill pipe. The torque of the make up and break out tool ranges from 16,000ft/lbs to 100,000ft/lbs. The latching size can be adjusted by replacing lug jaw, latch shoulder or changing the hole size of the hinge pin. The tong can handle the pipes with the size from 2 3/8" to 36".

Based on the material of the pipe, different types of dies can be equipped with the pipe-making up tool to offer protection for tubes, like standard series, die with small corrugation, and smooth die. Additionally, the toque meter can be equipped with the tong to indicate the actual torque during operation for easy control on torque parameters.

Since 1973, the tong manufactured by our company has been put into use for petroleum exploration and development in China. From 1998, our make up and break out tools are widely used in onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration in America, Canada, the Middle-East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and some others.